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This week, our UDL Spotlight section features a response to last week’s Q&A with Katie Novak. There are some fabulous UDL events coming up this fall that you don’t want to miss. Be sure to register for November’s Network and Learn series webinar on the UDL Reporting Criteria and learn more about the upcoming California Regional Event!

Can students’ differences boost classroom success?
You bet they can! Check out Education Dive’s response to Katie Novak’s Q&A from last week in “Appreciating students’ differences boosts classroom success, says school leader.”

Upcoming Events

 November 16th-17th
Join us for the first annual National Symposium on Universal Design for Instruction and Learning! The symposium will be comprised of two concurrent tracks, a Higher Education track and a Teacher Education track focused around the following themes:  

  • Universal Design for Instruction
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Teaching all Learners
  • Transparent Teaching
  • Active Learning Environments
  • Design Thinking in Teaching and Learning

Network and Learn Series

Meet the UDL Reporting Criteria

November 27th, 2018 at 8pm ET

What are the UDL components of an intervention? How was UDL applied to that classroom-based practice? What is a UDL-based lesson? 
The UDL Reporting Criteria (UDL RC) were developed to help answer these questions. The UDL RC provide a set of guidelines that help to define UDL’s application to educational practices.  These criteria, developed by a workgroup of the UDL-IRN Research Committee, provide a tool that can help researchers and practitioners design and report on UDL-based studies. Join us to explore the UDL Reporting Criteria, provide feedback, and discuss how they can be used by the UDL community. Download the UDL Report Criteria here

The UDL Reporting Criteria were developed by a UDL-IRN Research workgroup:
Kavita Rao, Sean Smith, Dave Edyburn, Christine Grima-Farrell, George Van Horn, Shira Yalon-Chamovitz

UDL Learn and Lead: An Inaugural UDL-IRN California Regional Event

February 6th and 7th, 2018
The Grounds
800 All American City Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678

Join the UDL-IRN and Placer County Office of Education as they host a unique, informative, “UDL”iced learning event in the California Region. This event promises to be engaging, enlightening, and one of a kind! We will focus on UDL implementation from administrative, coaching, and teaching perspectives. You’ll learn effective implementation strategies from national UDL leaders and experienced local practitioners. Leave with the resources you need to begin UDL implementation district, school, and classroom.


As always, we welcome your feedback and would be happy to hear from you! If you have suggestions, want to become more engaged, or have events you want highlighted, let us know. Please reply to this email with your questions and comments.

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