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Weekly Updates in UDL, November 18th, 2020

This week, read an article on how K12 education is impacting higher education and an article on how to universally design assessments. Also learn about how to get your Level 1 UDL Associate Credential through Learning Designed. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

UDL Spotlight

K12 Trends and the Future of Higher Education
Inside Higher Ed’s Steven Mintz explores how K12 trends impact the future of higher education in this article that emphasizes the stress on equity (and of course, UDL!). 

Assessments, But Then Make it Universally Designed
In this article from Tom Thibodeau, learn how to best use UDL when designing assessments. The article also explores Katie Novak’s Designing an Assessment Tool

Learning Designed

Earn your Level 1 UDL Associate Credential to demonstrate your understanding of why UDL is so essential in today’s learning environments. Prove you are proactively designing for learner variability so ALL your learners have the opportunity to succeed. Learn more about this opportunity. You also have free access to the Mini-course: UDL Associate Credential – Level 1 which is directly aligned to this Level 1 UDL credential.