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Weekly Updates in UDL, July 30th, 2020

This week, take a look at an article on using technology in higher education. You can also sign up to join the CAST Symposium: UDL Rising. Finally, check out our update for the 2021 UDL-IRN International Summit. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

UDL Spotlight

The Great Mobile Devices Debate: A False Binary (Part 1: Debunking the Debate) 
Innospire’s Dr. Eric Moore explores the use of technology in the higher education classroom. You can also view part two on “Best Practices for ITCs in the Classroom” and part three on “Procedural Approaches for Structured Use of Technology”

Upcoming Events

6th Annual CAST Symposium: UDL Rising

You still have time to register! The Symposium will highlight promising work that is taking place in the field and will also serve as a forum to co-create a vision for how to more explicitly develop UDL as a framework for designing equitable learning opportunities for all. Presented virtually for the first time, join us August 5th-7th. Learn more and register.

The 2021 UDL-IRN International Summit

Every year around this time, the UDL-IRN releases our save the date notice for next year’s International Summit. The worldwide COVID-19 crisis continues to greatly impacted the field of education and all of us are facing uncertainty in planning for the coming year. 

What we do know is this: we will be hosting some form of the UDL-IRN International Summit in the spring of 2021. Our current plan is to host an online conference with the possibility of integrating small, regional in-person gatherings. Details of these plans will be released as more information becomes available. 

Though we are unable to predict exactly what the 2021 UDL-IRN International Summit will look like, we know that we will continue to support the field and grow alongside our UDL colleagues. Critical conversations around UDL must continue with all of us, every voice, especially in these trying times. 

As always, thank you for your continued support of the UDL-IRN at CAST, and we look forward to more exciting work with you.