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This week, our UDL Spotlight section features an article focused on ensuring education is accessible to all and an update on the new UDL Center. Be sure to check out the upcoming UDL events section such as the 2nd Annual Great Lakes UDL Experience. Remember to submit your proposals for the UDL-IRN International Summit. 

General EducationMeeting Every Child Where They Are: Ensuring Education is Accessible to All. Dr. Amoy Hugh-Pennie, Director of Inclusive Education at The Harbour School talks about differentiation; and recognizing the term not around special needs students but when academic and other forms of instruction are individualized to meet the needs of all students. This article goes into talking about making school a UDL environment and finding what students need to succeed.  


General EducationCheck out the new UDL Center! CAST has been at work revamping the UDL Center, and the big reveal is here! Read all about their plans for the new UDL Center. 

Higher EducationNovember 9th
Join the team at Goodwin College on November 9 for their inaugural UDL conference! Check out the conference website for more details!

General EducationNovember 12th-13th 
Calling all teachers, professional developers, and district leaders… Join the UDL-IRN, Macomb ISD, Oakland Schools, and Muskegon Area ISD for the 2nd Annual Great Lakes UDL Experience! With featured national speakers David Reid, Allison Posey, and Bryan Dean and focused UDL discussions, this is one event you don’t want to miss.

Thinking about presenting at the 2019 UDL-IRN International Summit? Now’s your chance! Submit your ideas for UDL Talks, Interactive Learning Sessions, End of Average Talks, Breakout Sessions, and more. We can’t wait to read your ideas! Deadline for submissions is October 1st.


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