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This week, we are focusing our UDL Spotlight articles on remote learning as we all progress with planning for the current COVID-19 situation. There are also several upcoming webinars on accessibility by the AEM Center over the coming weeks and a webinar on UDL and co-planning. All of us at the UDL-IRN at CAST wish you the best – stay safe and healthy!

UDL Spotlight

Practice What We Teach: Higher Ed Needs Universal Design for All Students
This article from author Laura Vanpuymbrouck explores the reasons remote learning demands the use of UDL in higher education courses. Read it at Thrive Global.

Remote Learning: Parents and Teachers Should Prepare for a Marathon, Not a Sprint

CAST’s Amanda Bastoni describes her experience of the first week of remote learning with her kids and how setting the pace has influenced both her own and others’ work during this time. Read her reflections and useful tips!

Upcoming Events 

Supporting Accessibility in Distance Education: High-Leverage Practices
The AEM Center at CAST will be providing a series of webinars on accessibility in online learning beginning Monday, March 30th. Learn more and register for each webinar in the series

Using UDL to Leverage Co-Planning
Join Lindsay Slater and Ron Rogers for this upcoming OCALI webinar on UDL and co-planning. April 7th at 3:30 ET – register here!