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Weekly Updates in UDL, June 3rd, 2020

There’s still time to join us at the Summit On Demand! Learn more below. You can also join a free webinar this upcoming Thursday at 8pm ET on UDL in 15 Minutes. Also learn how to build new generation UDL tools with CAST. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Upcoming Events 

2020 UDL-IRN International Summit On Demand

There’s still time to register for the Summit On Demand! Your ticket purchase will give you access to 65+ hours of content all about UDL. Join now and you’ll make the last couple days of the live event, join later and you’ll have access to all the video recordings of the live portion of the event plus additional asynchronous sessions. Check out the list of presentations and purchase access now.

Network and Learn Series

Join the UDL-IRN’s PL team and Dr. Loui Lord Nelson for the Summit on Demand’s Network & Learn Live! event. This annual event invites you into a behind-the-scenes look at the UDL in 15 Minutes podcast. This week, Loui will be interviewing Cherie Smith. Cherie is a State Support Regional Consultant in Ohio, a member of the OCALI UDL Collaborative, and the chair of the UDL-IRN Implementation SIG. They’ll be discussing Cherie’s use of a UDL implementation practice profile with a district in Ohio. You’ll have a chance to see the interview live and ask Loui questions about podcasting before the interview and ask Cherie questions about her work following the interview. You can also follow the conversation live at #UDL-IRN. 

Thursday, June 4th at 8pm ET
Use this link to join us: https://us02web.zoom.us/s/86080030254 

Help CAST Build New Generation UDL Tools

Interested in UDL?  

Do you teach middle school or special education?

Do you know some students interested in technology?

We can use your help in designing and building two exciting new technologies this summer. 

Logo Option 2: Corgi dog face combined with a 'dog eared' document icon. "Corgi" name and the tagline "co-organize your learning"

CORGI (Co-Organize Learning with the Google Interface)

For many students, building higher-order thinking skills raises big challenges. CORGI is a Google App-based tool designed to support building higher-order thinking skills.  This summer we will be conducting some online tryouts with teachers and students to get reactions to CORGI about how to improve it. It takes just 30-40 minutes, is completely online, and participants will get a giftcard for helping out.

 Please contact us at corgi@cast.org for more information.

CISL (Center on Inclusive Software for Learning)

CISL is building software to make it easier to learn from today’s increasingly  digital content.  The CISL Reader has adaptive features to provide access and comprehension supports based on student needs including interactive glossaries, text to speech, and display customization.  We will be conducting online design and usability testing this summer and fall. Take this opportunity to participate in innovative software development.

Please contact us at cisl@cast.org for more information.