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This week we are featuring an article on what it means to be an expert learner and a book on how to create the best possible classroom experience. Your tickets for the 2020 UDL-IRN International Summit are available today and advanced pricing ends soon, so be sure to save your seat. You can also learn more about how to get involved in a UDL Lesson Plan partnership.

UDL Spotlight

 What does it mean to be an Expert Learner?
Dr. Eric Moore defines “expert learner” from the learner’s perspective as it pertains to UDL in this 10 minute video.

 The Unbound Classroom 
Need a new resource to support creating the best possible classroom experience for your students? Look no further than Chelsea Miro’s The Unbound Classroom. Learn more and buy the book here. Also look for Chelsea Miro at the 2020 UDL-IRN International Summit – she’ll be presenting!


Upcoming Events 

2020 UDL-IRN International Summit
There’s only a couple weeks left to get your discounted advanced Summit tickets for the 2020 UDL-IRN International Summit in Silicon Valley, CA on April 8th and 9th, 2020! With pre-conference sessions, End of Average Talks, breakout sessions, UDL Talks, and more, this event has something for everyone! Learn more and save your discounted spot by February 28th!

Calling All Teachers

A message from Jordan Shurr and Aleksandra Hollingshead: We are initiating a collaborative learning project between teachers in training and teachers in practice. During the month of February we will be collecting lesson plans from practicing teachers. In a class of over 200+ students, we are currently learning about Universal Design for Learning (UDL)- an instructional planning framework to increase accessibility and inclusion in learning. As part of their final project the students will be reviewing teacher-submitted lesson plans to 1) identify UDL components already integrated, and 2) suggest potential UDL components that could be added to the plan. This mutually beneficial collaboration is intended to connect training to practice in an authentic and exciting way. So, please consider joining us by contributing a plan and sharing this project with your colleagues. Thanks for your consideration. And, please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments: j.shurr@queensu.call

Check out more about the UDL Lesson Plan Partnership here.