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Weekly Updates in UDL, May 5th, 2021

Today, listen to the latest UDL in 15 Minutes podcast and read about designing accessible presentations in PowerPoint. You can also sign up for the AEM Center’s Open House scheduled for May 18th and a webinar on May 21st on UDL in Swedish higher education. Finally, don’t forget to save your spot at the 7th Annual CAST UDL Symposium: The Future Designed. Stay healthy and safe!

UDL Spotlight

UDL in 15 Minutes

A new episode of UDL in 15 Minutes is here! UDL expanded how Art and Design teacher Callie Mulcahy approached the design process with her students and changed her approaches toward applying the art standards of creating, responding, presenting, and connecting. Hear more!

Designing Accessible Presentations in PowerPoint

The CIDDL Center’s Nicholas Hoekstra writes about how to build an accessible PowerPoint presentations. Read the blog to learn about picking the right template, selecting the best fonts and spacing settings, and embedding tables, images, and videos.

Upcoming Events

AEM Center Website Open House

Next Tuesday, May 18th at 2pm ET, please join the National AEM Center at CAST for an “open house” in honor of their new website. Everyone is invited. Whether your interest lies in K-12, early childhood, higher ed, or workforce development, the AEM Center website hosts no-cost resources for learning and teaching others about accessible materials and technologies for learners with disabilities. Learn more and register.

The impact of Universal Design for Learning in higher education, and the road we are on in Sweden

On May 21st at 10am ET, join INCLUDE and the ISTE Inclusive Learning Network for a webinar on UDL in higher education in Sweden. As educators at Kristianstad University and beyond, Linda Plantin Ewe and Pia Häggblom have worked for several years to raise awareness of UDL within the university community, as well as to imbed the concept of UDL throughout the Swedish education system. Linda and Pia will share their stories of progress made through workshops, presentations, and course development to broaden Sweden’s knowledge of UDL and to integrate UDL within various educational systems. Learn more and register.

The 7th Annual CAST UDL Symposium: The Future Designed

The 7th Annual CAST UDL Symposium will highlight promising work taking place in the field and will also serve as a forum to think about how we can begin to intentionally design for a better future right now. This year’s event is not about UDL as it has always been. It is about the dramatic changes that we hope to see in the future and the innovations that can lead us there. Join us for a virtual learning and networking experience filled with connected conversations that elevate our thinking around UDL and the future designed. Learn more and register.