Weekly Updates in UDL

Weekly Updates in UDL, October 20th, 2021

This week, read an article on how Code Jumper provides educators with a tool that fosters inclusion. You can sign up for two upcoming UDL events: the Great Lakes UDL Experience and an InspirED webinar on ensuring access to the general curriculum for all learners. Stay healthy and safe!

UDL Spotlight

Giving Educators a Tool to Foster Inclusion

For students who are blind or visually impaired, the accommodations and learning tools they need in the classroom may make them feel different or excluded, no matter how hard their teachers try to create an inclusive environment. But educational tools like Code Jumper, which turns learning computer coding into a tactile experience, is something students can work on together, regardless of their ability. In fact, it’s designed to be used by groups of students together but can also be used one student at a time. Because Code Jumper relies on touch and sound to teach basic coding skills to students starting at a young age, it can be equally beneficial to students who are visually impaired, those with other disabilities – or any student who learns better through tactile or sound cues. In our latest blog, we explore how Code Jumper helps teachers create inclusive classroom environments where students of all abilities can learn together using the same tool.

Upcoming Events

Great Lakes UDL Experience

Spots are filling up for this November 2nd and 3rd professional learning opportunity! Interested in exploring how Universal Design for Learning can support you in creating a welcoming, responsive, student-centered classroom that cultivates expert learners? Look no further than the Great Lakes UDL Experience. Join your colleagues from around the Great Lakes region (and beyond!) for interactive breakout sessions, featured national speakers, and dedicated planning time. This year’s event focuses on UDL and designing for space, executive function, and diversity and inclusion. Learn more and register for this engaging event!

InspirED: Ensuring Access to the General Curriculum for All Learners

November 11th at 4pm ET, join the InspirED team from OCALI for a webinar on ensuring access to the general curriculum for all learners. Effectively designing instruction and assessment in a way that provides universal access across courses, lessons, and learning activities is essential for ALL students. Learn more about this upcoming webinar and register (for free!).