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Weekly updates in UDL, January 20th, 2021

This week, read an article on how UDL after COVID-19 should look in the higher education setting. Tickets are now available for the 2021 UDL-IRN International Summit On Demand! Join us for the largest UDL conference of the year April 12th-14th. You can also apply to work with Learning Designed as a Content Specialist. Stay healthy and safe!

UDL Spotlight

Universal Design for Learning After COVID-19

In this article from Inside Higher Ed, Joshua Kim explores the opportunity universities face in prioritizing UDL post-COVID. Read his thoughts on the importance of implementing UDL in higher education settings.

The 2021 International Summit On Demand

Tickets are now available for the largest UDL event of the year! Join us on April 13th & 14th with pre-conference sessions on April 12th for live sessions. Post-event, all digital content will be exclusively available to you for six months. All ongoing synchronous sessions will be recorded and posted for you to access post-event. 

Interact, engage, and become inspired with professionals from across education. Participants should plan to learn, reflect, collaborate, create, plan, and transform their understanding of teaching and learning.

Learn more and save your seat at this incredible virtual conference.

Job Posting

Content Specialist for Learning Designed

CAST is developing credentials and certifications to help qualify competence in and alignment with UDL best practices. These credentials and certifications are available on a system called Learning Designed, enabling educators across the globe to learn more about UDL and voluntarily demonstrate their competence. Our goal is to grow Learning Designed, creating outstanding, industry-leading opportunities for education professionals to benefit from the learning resources and activities available, as well as network with each other.

Critical to the success of Learning Designed is a wide array of high-quality learning resources  and activities that build competence in UDL. CAST is dedicated to establishing a vibrant Content Partner program to curate and create the best UDL learning resources and activities within Learning Designed. CAST is hiring a Content Specialist to help establish, grow, and maintain the highest quality learning resources on Learning Designed, including support of our Content Partner program.

Learn more and apply for this position.