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This week, check out a fabulous higher education centered article on how to make your teaching more engaging. Also check up an upcoming webinar on expert learning and register to virtually attend the UDL-IRN International Summit! Finally, we are looking for opinions from teachers on aspects of student neurodevelopment – take a survey below!

UDL Spotlight

Want to make your teaching more engaging? 
The Chronicle of Education’s Sarah Rose Cavanagh pulled together this advice guideon how to make your college classroom more engaging for your students.

Upcoming Events 

EMPOWER Future Ready Learners Through the Lens of UDL: Expert Learners
oin Misty Ewry and Ron Rogers for this fabulous webinar dedicated to integrating technology in a classroom UDL-style. April 17th at 3:30 ET. 

Can’t attend the Summit? You can still tune in to live UDL Talks and End of Average Talks! Watch it from the comfort of your home, school, work, etc. 

Online Streaming of UDL-IRN Summit– Single Individual: $39.99
Online Streaming of UDL-IRN Summit– One Site Stream (made for groups): $79.99

Thursday and Friday, March 27-28. Purchase access here.

Attention Teachers 

Are you a classroom teacher? Please consider taking this anonymous survey to see what you know & want to know about aspects of student neurodevelopment. Use this linkto participate!


As always, we welcome your feedback and would be happy to hear from you! If you have suggestions, want to become more engaged, or have events you want highlighted, let us know. Please reply to this email with your questions and comments.

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