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This week, we are featuring an eSchool News article on Professional Learning Communities and UDL. Be sure to mark your calendars for some fabulous upcoming UDL events. Finally, learn more about our Cultural Responsiveness Regional Event (and gain access to event resources!) and how to register for our upcoming Southeast Regional Event!

UDL Spotlight

 UDL and PLCs
Professional learning communities are a perfect place to start instructional planning, and that means UDL planning can start here. This eSchool News article explains how UDL and PLCs can work together, and how to get started at this level. 

Upcoming Events 

Designing for Equity & Achievement for All Learners
Join us for a UDL-IRN Regional Event in Orlando, FL on December 9th and 10th, 2019! Come learn about innovation, UDL implementation, and equity in the classroom. Learn more here.

2020 UDL-IRN International Summit
Early bird tickets are available for a limited time for the 2020 UDL-IRN International Summit in Silicon Valley, CA on April 8th and 9th, 2020! Learn more and save your spot!

Culturally Responsive UDL: In Review

We had a fabulous two days in El Paso, TX last week as we visited topics such as cultural responsiveness and UDL implementation at the administrative and classroom levels. Featured national speakers Patti Kelly Ralabate, Bryan Dean, and Howard Diacon helped event attendees create UDL implementation plans. Resources from the event are still available at the event SCHED

If you are interested in attending a UDL-IRN Regional Event, our next event is scheduled for December 9th and 10th in Orlando, FL. Learn more and register here

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