This week, we are highlighting an article from our partners at Texthelp on Summit presenter Bryan Dean and an insightful article on educators’ perspective on how to best maintain classroom inclusivity. The UDL Credentialing and Certification Initiative is also looking for volunteers to help with accessibility! Finally, time is running out! Don’t forget to register for this year’s 5th annual UDL-IRN Summit! Not able to attend? Catch the stream of selected sessions.
Our partners at Texthelp interviewed Summit presenter Bryan Dean. Check out their blog post, “Re-Thinking UDL: An Educational Operating System” to read more about Bryan Dean’s fresh take on what UDL really means and about his Summit presentation!

“What is the best advice you can offer to teachers who have students with special needs in their classes?” Education Week Teacher recently posted this question and educators submitted their valuable experiences. Read the UDL-ridden responses in “Response: Ways to Support ‘Students With Diverse Learning Needs’.”  

April 25-27

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