October 18, 2019 from 9am – 4pm EST

Welcome to the UDLHE DigiCon 2019

We are so glad to have you join us and participate in our first ever UDLHE DigiCon! Please use this page as a guide to your conference experience. You will find links to our Participant Guide and Event Agenda below. If you haven’t yet looked at the participant guide, please take a minute to look it over. The event agenda will be the primary way to access all sessions, including descriptions, resources, author bios, and links to the Zoom meeting rooms and live transcriptions.

Below, you will also find a short video walking you through navigation of this event and its associated features. If you have any questions or issues, please reach out for help through one of the means we are providing below.

Thanks again for joining and we are thrilled to have you all here!

Help & Tech Support

We have a few ways for participants to receive technical support through the day of the event.

Meeting Room Support (Sponsored by Virginia Tech)
A VT technician will be present in each meeting for the first and last few minutes to offer quick support and troubleshooting (mostly for presenters). 

HelpDesk (Sponsored by The University of TN)
A helpdesk with a Zoom expert will be available from 8:30 – 9:30am ET and 11am – Noon (ET). Simply go into that room for assistance with Zoom and other technical issues. To use this support, navigate to the Digicon HelpDesk during its open hours.

Email Tech Support Teams (Sponsored by The University of TN, VT, and the UDL-IRN)
If you aren’t able to get into Zoom or have other tech issues outside of the HelpDesk hours, please email mnichol1@vt.edu AND highered@udl-irn.org. If you have conference questions (not tech issues) please email highered@udl-irn.org

How to Navigate this Event

Vision for the Digicon:

The #UDLHE Digital Conference will be an opportunity for UDL-interested (and invested) faculty, staff, and graduate students from around the world to convene and learn together without the burden of geographic and cost-based barriers. It will offer an opportunity to hear from people that we otherwise would not have access to, call for and facilitate presentations that advance the work of UDL in higher education and catalyzes individuals to bring their work and findings to other non-UDL focused conferences.

We will meet via structured online meeting space. We are hoping to include people from around the world both synchronously and asynchronously.


  • UDL starting out: How to getting started whether in the classroom, your department, or at your institution as a whole.
  • Discipline Specific: Presentations that focus on discipline specific classroom applications.
  • UDL in Online Learning: Practical strategies, reflections, and the results of applying UDL in online learning environments.
  • Research: Qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods data-based presentations that speak to the efficacy for relevant applications
  • Non-academic Applications: Applications of UDL strategies to the non-academic side.
  • Faculty Development: Examples of faculty support when creating activities/assignments based on UDL principles


We are always looking to improve! Please take the time to let us know about your UDLHE Digicon experience.

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