UDLHE Digicon: Guiding this Moment in Higher Education

Image shows the logo for the UDLHE Network Digicon

With so much happening in the world and in our education communities, there are new and unique challenges and opportunities for UDL in higher education. The second-ever UDLHE Digicon will focus on bringing together individuals who are invested in UDL in Higher Education contexts to share their research and promising practices and will serve as an opportunity to network and collaborate with others around the globe.  

The #UDLHE Digicon is an opportunity for UDL-interested (and invested) faculty, staff, and graduate students from around the world to convene and learn together without the burden of geographic and cost-based barriers and with minimal carbon footprint. It offers an opportunity to hear from people that we otherwise would not have access to, call for and facilitate presentations that advance the work of UDL in higher education and catalyze individuals to bring their work and findings to other non-UDL focused conferences. 

Learn more and register for this unique UDL in Higher Education focused event.

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