UDL School Implementation and Certification Criteria

A Flexible Roadmap for UDL Implementation

Icon representing School Culture and Environment. Connected silhouettes in front of a heart shape.
School Culture & Environment
Icon representing Teaching and Learning. Two silhouettes (one larger than the other) in front of a growing plant.
Teaching & Learning
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Leadership & Management
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Professional Learning

The Universal Design for Learning School Implementation and Certification Criteria (UDL-SICC) provides  a roadmap for effective schoolwide UDL implementation.  Like UDL, the criteria are data-driven, support continuous improvement, and provide multiple pathways for schools to progress through the stages of implementation. Whether your team is just getting started or has experienced many years of successful UDL implementation, the UDL-SICC is a robust tool for guiding decisions and supporting ongoing development.

The criteria were developed using insights from implementation, improvement and learning science research, and informed by ongoing input and feedback from experienced UDL leaders throughout the field of education. While the full certification process is not yet available, the UDL-SICC criteria and related tools are ready to use to support your school’s UDL implementation efforts. 

The goal of the UDL-SICC is to:

  • provide a flexible roadmap for achieving effective, schoolwide UDL implementation, and 
  • provide multiple pathways to UDL school certification.

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Thank you to the Oak Foundation for their generous ongoing support of this project.