UDL Resources

There are hundreds of UDL-focused resources on Learning Designed for you to explore! Here are a few high profile, UDL-IRN created resources to kick off your resource exploration.

Based on our experiences, we lay out some specific considerations for the implementation of Universal Design of Learning (UDL) at the school, district, and state level. Similar to the framework itself, we approach systematic implementation from a position of thoughtful design and rapid iteration. The overall purpose of the paper is to provide foundational understanding and further transparency around the implementation of UDL.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) represents a paradigm shift in education that has the potential to improve outcomes for a broad range of learners. The UDL-IRN working with the Michigan Integrated Technology Supports (MITS), in collaboration with CAST, has identified four critical, foundational elements of UDL implementation and research. Educators aligning instruction to UDL must minimally include each of the four elements.

In consideration of the UDL Critical Elements, educators implementing UDL should use a reverse design instructional process that incorporates the establishment of clear goals, anticipates learner variability, measurable assessment and outcomes, instructional experience, and reflection and understanding.  The article contains a link to a downloadble version of the resource.