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The UDL-IRN is excited to announce the release of UDL-IRN Huddle Meetings!

The purpose of these meetings is to share the activities, upcoming events, and needs for each Committee. UDL-IRN Committees include:

  • Research
  • Professional Development
  • EdTech Industry
  • Global Learning
  • Summit Planning

We want you to engage with our Committee leaders! You can submit questions to Committee leaders in advance or live, using the Q&A feature of the webinar. To submit questions in advance, please forward them to We’ll do our best to coordinate responses during or after the UDL-IRN Huddle webinar.

Watch Last Month's UDL-IRN Huddle Meeting

Committee leaders share updates on what is happening inside the UDL-IRN.

Access the Agenda Here

Took place on: July 18, 2018

EdTech Industry Committee

Chair: Steve Nordmark

Mission: The mission of the EdTech Industry Committee is to serve as scalability and implementation champions who promote the meaningful understanding of and implementation of Universal Design for Learning within companies that serve K-20 learning. In other words, we want to promote meaningful implementation of UDL within products so all learners have the highest quality solutions available. We focus on networking discussions and technical working group efforts that increase UDL market awareness and best practices within EdTech solutions. If you have any questions about our EdTech Industry Committee please contact

Research Committee

Chair: Kavita Rao

Mission: The UDL-IRN Research Committee facilitates the development and dissemination of research on UDL. The UDL guidelines are grounded in the literature on research-based practices that reduce barriers and increase access in the learning environment.  The Research Committee focuses on furthering the evidence base on effective applications of UDL, including identifying effective models of UDL implementation. To support the efforts of UDL researchers and practitioners, the committee develops tools and resources to facilitate the design and development of UDL research. If you have any questions about the UDL Research Committee please contact

Summit Planning Committee

Chair: McKenzie Nicholis

Mission: Every year, the UDL-IRN hosts the International Summit with the goal of increasing the networking, progress, and conversation around Universal Design for Learning. This year, with an increased expected number of attendees and an expanded network, our goal is to cover as much content while maintaining the depth as in past years. 2018 will also bring the release of two new elements to the conference: a UDL Leadership Assembly throughout the day during pre-conferences and the Interactive Learning Village. Both should expand and develop opportunities for the engagement and participation of attendees. If you have any questions about the UDL-IRN Summit please contact

Professional Development Committee

Chair: Sue Hardin

Mission: The goal of this committee is to continue to build the network around UDL. The PD Committee has a variety of roles within the UDL-IRN, including hosting monthly Network and Learn Webinars, publishing a quarterly UDL newsletter, and assisting in the planning and performance of the UDL-IRN annual Summit. If you have any questions about the PD Committee, please contact

Global Learning Committee

Co-Chairs: Loui Lord Nelson and Rachel Brody

Mission: The mission of the Global Learning Committee is to globally connect with educators dedicated to the implementation of UDL. Through sharing research, performing surveys, and networking with UDL colleagues around the world, this committee intends to continue to grow in order to best serve the UDL community. Currently, there are members from five countries represented in the committee. If you have any questions about the Global Learning Committee, please contact