UDL-IRN 2016 Summit

Remote Access to Summit Content


Wednesday - March 16, 2016 - Summit Content

UDL Talks

Neuromythmania: A Threat to the UDL Community  Presenter: Lisa Beth Carey

Simultaneous simplification: stretching the boundaries of UDL  Presenter: Shira Yalon-Chamovitz

Crossing borders: Does a Blueprint for UDL culturally respond to implementation in other countries?  Presenter: Loui Lord Nelson

If Up is Down and Down is Up, Then What the Up is UDL?  Presenter: Alisa Lowrey

UDL and Materials Science  Presenter: Dave Edyburn


Customizing Learning for All Students: Teaching in a Blended Learning Environment Presenter: Carrie Wozniak

UDL Leadership Fellows: Moving forward at the District Level  Presenters: Grasmick, Berquist, Burke, Brown, Barnes, Schindle

Developing the Expert Learner through the Stages of Personalized Learning  Presenter: Kathleen McClaskey

Building on a Firm Foundation: Supporting Students with More Intensive Support Needs in UDL Environments  Presenter: Joy Zabala


Thursday - March 17, 2016 - Summit Content

UDL Talks

A Case Study to Demonstrate the Impact of UDL  Presenters: Linda Wilson, Eithne Ellis

Purposeful UDL Design to Engage and Teach Students  Presenter: Allison Posey

Reflections and Closing  Presenter: David Rose


The Students Who Knew They Could  Presenters: Stephanie Craig, Kate Edgren

UDL: Building School Change for Adolescent Achievement and Social Emotional Growth  Presenters: Barbara Carlstrom, William McGrath, William Rorison

UDL Coaching  Presenters: Elizabeth Berquist, Lisa Beth Carey