The UDL-IRN and Multistudio Present the Deck of Spaces

As work across the field continues to demonstrate the importance of considering the various design elements of the learning environment, we have been reflecting on how space design actually impacts learning and associated behaviors. Working with Multistudio, an award winning architecture firm that focuses on shaping learning environments through the lens of both educators and learners, the UDL-IRN is excited to announce the UDL Learning Spaces Idea Kit.

“In UDL we often think about how instructional planning, materials, practices, and learning measures impact outcomes. This project, really allowed us to consider how the environment itself plays such a key role in shaping teacher and learner interactions. It really aligns nicely with some of the research that I and many others have conducted in UDL implementation. Working with David and the team at Multistudio has been great because they realize it’s more than a school, or a classroom, it’s about truly designing a learning environment.”
Headshot of James Basham
James Basham
Kit Author
Image shows cards from the UDL Deck of Spaces.

From supporting basic accessibility to encouraging self-determined and future-focused learners the environment matters. The kit was developed to encourage conversations, understanding, and actions among the variables that are involved in shaping human behavior and outcomes in learning. As highlighted in its name, the UDL Learning Spaces Idea Kit, supports a crosswalk among physical space design and the UDL Guidelines (CAST, 2018).  

You can learn more about the Multistudio approach through their website and in-house design learning program: STEAM Studio, and a compilation of their  research in the book Unleashing Creative Genius.

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Lead authors of the UDL Learning Spaces Idea Kit.

David Reid, AIA, LEED AP

James Basham, Ph.D.
Co-Founder | Associate Professor
UDL-IRN  | University of Kansas