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Research on UDL Implementation

How can we apply UDL effectively to design effective and inclusive educational environments?  UDL researchers address this question in varied ways and examine how UDL can be applied in a range of settings, K12 and higher education.

Research Priorities

This page provides an overview of UDL research priorities in the areas of UDL application, UDL measurement, UDL teacher education and UDL tools and technologies.

Research Articles Database

Researchers have examined how UDL can create flexible and engaging environments, support inclusion, address learner variability and be applied to various tools and technology-based environments. The research articles database allows you to search for articles on UDL research.

UDL Reporting Criteria

The UDL Reporting Criteria are a tool that can be used by researchers and practitioners to design UDL based studies and report on them.  The tool provides a set of criteria for what to consider when designing and reporting on a UDL-based practice or intervention.

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