Research Agenda

Understanding UDL from a research perspective is critical to advancing the field as well as scaling effective implementation. The UDL-IRN is currently looking for one or more interdisciplinary groups of individuals to contribute to the field by developing the first iteration of the UDL research agenda. For this project we ask that each team contributes to the field by producing a research agenda that takes into consideration the needs of the field from multiple perspectives. These perspectives should take into consideration supporting learner variability across all learners, learning across multiple fields of study or subject areas, as well as formal and informal environments and the use of a variety of instructional tools and materials. Research agenda submissions will go through a rapid peer-reviewed process prior to being posted in the UDL-IRN website for further comment and clarification. The intent of this project is to encourage open dialogue with focus on needed research, funding, and collaboration across multiple fields of practice. 

Open Date:

 April 11th, 2012

First Iteration Target Date:

 July 1, 2012. 

Primary Contact/Project Leader

Sean Smith (, University of Kansas. 


Active, contact project leader for more information. 

Suggested by:

Leadership of the UDL-IRN.