Recent Presentations

This page highlights some of the recent presentations by UDL-IRN Leadership and other associated panelists. Due to media rights distribution policies some content may be modified from the original face-to-face presentation. 


UDL Town Hall (ATIA, 2017)

Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) 2017.  This presentation provides an overview of "hot topics" in UDL.  Presenters: James (Jamie) Basham, Brian Wojcik, Denise DeCoste, and Joy Zabala. 


Keys to Understanding and Implementing Universal Design for Learning (FETC, 2017)

Presentation given at the Future of Educational Technology Conference (FETC) 2017.  Presented by James (Jamie) Basham.


The Future of Special Education: Promising Practices to Support Students with Disabilities in the Modern Learning Environment. (SWEP, 2017)

General Session (Keynote) Presentation given at the Statewide Evaluation Conference (Dallas, TX) 2017.  Presented by James (Jamie) Basham.


What are Next Steps in Shaping Your Modern Learning Environment? (SWEP, 2017) 

Follow-up presentation given at the Statewide Evaluation Conference (Dallas, TX) 2017.  Presented by James (Jamie) Basham.