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Watch the video recording from our October Network and Learn Series webinar, Campfire Conversation: The Student Perspective.

Took place: October 14th, 2020



There are many benefits to becoming a part of a UDL-IRN Special Interest Group, including:

  • Recognition of UDL SIG leaders on the UDL-IRN website and platform Social and project engagement opportunities at UDL-IRN Summit events
  • Opportunities to engage in action research with fellow SIG members
  • Opportunities to co-author materials for the IRN website and UDL platform

The goals of UDL-IRN SIGs are to network, collaborate, share, and develop materials and ideas for supporting UDL implementation and research. There are a number of areas in which special interest groups could focus that support the vision and strategic goals of the UDL-IRN.

Examples include (but are not limited to) STEM/ STEAM, instructional design, research, the neuroscience of learning, product development, and digital design.

To learn more, see our UDL-IRN SIG Formation Guidelines. If you would like to start working on an abstract proposal for the formation of a UDL-IRN SIG, please see the Higher Education Proposal as an example.

Proposals and questions can be submitted to

UDL Implementation SIG

This group is focused on gathering best practices for UDL implementation. The collective work that is conducted by this SIG will inform future UDL implementers of the successful and unsuccessful means of providing an education based in the UDL framework. This work will include the consideration of differences in learner variability across different regions with an emphasis on culture, language and other factors. If you are interested in joining this SIG, please contact one of the leaders listed below.


Higher Education SIG

The Higher Education SIG’s main goal is to develop a network within higher education in order to facilitate sharing of practical strategies, information, and professional development materials. Topics explored within this SIG include misconceptions of UDL, curriculum development, procurement, technology selections, and more. If you are interested in joining this SIG, please contact one of the SIG leaders listed below or join through the Google Group.


Professional Development SIG

The Professional Development SIG is focused on creating resources and sharing ideas that will support the work of those providing professional development on UDL. Developed resources will cover topics including introducing UDL to key stakeholders, coaching and scaling UDL implementation, building UDL professional learning communities, and more. If you are interested in joining this SIG, please contact one of the SIG leaders listed below.



The UDL Mindset

In order to successfully implement Universal Design for Learning in your space, environment, classroom, etc, it is important to shift into a “UDL Mindset.” Use these resources to shift your thinking towards the growth and entrepreneurial mindset of UDL:  Check...

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Student Perspective: Why I Wish My District Had UDL

As research, studies, and observations show, there is no “one fits all education.” Schools are filled with students who have learning disabilities, speak English as a second language, have mental health problems, etc., the point being, every student learns...

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“Where great minds come together to share and learn.”
– 2017 Summit Attendee

The Summit is not your traditional conference: it is two days of engagement from inspiring TED style talks to hands-on sessions that encourage you to embrace a new way of thinking about professional learning. Sure, there are sessions to sit-and-get information, but there are also interactive sessions for you to try, see, feel, and embrace what UDL means to the education system.

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