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Creating Access in Higher Ed through UDL

December 6th at 4pm ET

Did you know that colleges and universities across the country are utilizing UDL to eliminate barriers at the postsecondary level? Are you interested in learning more about how to improve accessibility across the college experience? Join us on December 6th at 4 EST/1PST for a discussion about the role of UDL in higher education. Panelists Jen Pusateri and Karl Wennerlind will share their experiences and provide examples for  creating more accessible spaces in college courses and inclusive postsecondary programs through the utilization of the UDL Guidelines. This presentation is welcome to all interested in learning more about UDL in Higher Education, including postsecondary faculty and staff, inclusive postsecondary education program staff, secondary educators supporting the transition to college, and families in the college planning process.

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A Cohort Approach to UDL in Secondary

In our latest Network and Connect webinar, we talked with members of a team at Columbus North High School. We explored how their new approach of class cohorts is blending with their consistent implementation of UDL. Attendees brought questions about the cohort implementation and integration with UDL as they share about the kickoff to the new year – the challenges and successes.

Took place: September 27th, 2023

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