Upcoming Network and Learn Series Events

The Summit Experience: A Sneak Peek into UDL-IRN Summit 2019

February 11th at 8pm ET

Join the UDL-IRN, Dr. Luis Perez, Dr. Loui Lord Nelson, and Dr. Elizabeth Berquist for a look at the 2019 International Summit! From UDL Talks with Luis, Loui and Liz, to Student Capstone experiences and the interactive learning village, we’ll share a preview of some of the Summit’s most engaging experiences. This is one conversation you don’t want to miss.

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UDL in Higher Education

Interest in integrating UDL into higher education is on the rise. This panel of UDL practitioners in higher education share what’s happening, what’s needed, and what’s next related to UDL integration into higher education. Conversation centers around ideas outlined in the publication “Voices from the Field: Implementing and Scaling-Up Universal Design for Learning in Teacher Preparation Programs” (cited below).

Panel: Eric Moore, Adria Battaglia, Sarah Williams, Fran Smith, and Ruben Watson 

Took place: January 10th, 2019

Moore, E. J., Smith, F. G., Hollingshead, A., & Wojcik, B. (2018). Voices From the Field: Implementing and Scaling-Up Universal Design for Learning in Teacher Preparation Programs. Journal of Special Education Technology, 33(1), 40–53.

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