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UDLNexus Professional Learning

UDL-IRN Professional Learning Matchmaking Services

Connecting you to professional learning services on UDL

There is great demand for professional learning (PL) on UDL implementation, nationally and internationally. To respond to frequent requests for PL, the UDL-IRN is offering a service that will help connect PL providers with those seeking consultation or professional learning on UDL implementation and research.


How can the UDL-IRN help me connect with professional learning service providers with UDL expertise?

The UDL-IRN is staffed by professionals with a combined total of more than 50 years in professional learning service roles. We have a deep and broad understanding of professional learning. Since 2011, we’ve been networking with UDL professionals around the globe. Our network connections to high-quality professionals continues to expand, facilitated in part by the annual UDL-IRN international summit [link] which brings together professionals with UDL expertise. Through these connections and activities, the UDL-IRN has access to many UDL thought leaders in the field, from K-12 education to higher education, from district to state-level perspectives, on topics such as UDL implementation, systems reform and even the application of UDL within educational technology and curriculum product development. UDL Nexus works as a professional learning matchmaker, putting you in touch with highly skilled UDL professionals. Whether it’s for a topic-specific webinar, video-conferencing, or on-site professional learning, we can help you make those connections.

The process is simple:

  • The host Organization seeking PL Services sends a request specifying topic(s), format, audience, location, and approximate dates of service.
  • The UDL Nexus team sends out an all-call to the PL Service Providers.
  • The PL Service Providers review the requests and return bid proposals to the UDL Nexus team.
  • The UDL Nexus team sends the proposals to the organization requesting PL Services.
  • Once the organization requesting PL Services selects their preferred PL provider, the UDL Nexus team will make the connection between requester and provider.
  • The PL Service Provider is an independent contractor and makes all fee and travel arrangements with the organization directly.
  • A Post-PL Service Survey is sent to the requester organization to ensure the UDL Nexus team maintains a quality feedback loop for ongoing improvement.

What Does the UDLNexus Process Look Like?

There are five simple steps to the UDLNexus process:

1) Contact – Complete a service request

2) Review and Commit – Review UDLNexus member proposals. Connect with the selected UDLNexus provider

3) Service Provided – Receive service as contracted

4) Service Assessed – Complete a UDLNexus evaluation

5) Plan Your Next UDLNexus Professional Learning Opportunity

Arrange for UDLNexus Professional Service

Request an RFP for Large Organizations

Become a UDLNexus Service Provider