UDL-IRN; The Universal Design for Learning Implementation and Research Network


Principles of UDL Implementation

The application of these principles will provide:

  • Multiple means of representing or presenting information.
  • Multiple means for students to express understanding.
  • Multiple means for students to engage in the learning process.

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UDL in the Classroom

UDL-IRN Resources

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Weekly Updates

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Beliefs in Practice

Learn about the UDL-IRN’s belief structure related to UDL.

Design Lab Kit

Learn how to build and execute your own design lab.

Critical Elements

Learn about the four critical elements of UDL.


Learn about UDL references in the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Learning Designed

Equity and inclusion for all learners should be a primary focus across the globe. The world is changing at an increasing pace—where physical and digital boundaries are blurred—and continuous, life-long learning is critical. Educators facing this critical challenge have a much higher bar of success to reach in order to recognize the full diversity and variability of our population. The science is clear: There is no such thing as the “average” learner, and learning experiences must be designed for all learners.

Learning DesignedTM is a state-of-the-art online platform for professional learning, credentialing, and collaboration. It provides personalized experiences for educators within a robust community of support. Learning Designed harnesses the inclusive, evidence-based, UDL framework to help educators design for learner variability and improve learning outcomes. Learning Designed includes a growing list of global learning resources and field-developed micro-credentials so our education workforce (educators, education leaders, preservice educators, curriculum designers, and product developers) is prepared to support learner-centered design.

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