Ignoring and Avoiding Communication Skills: Exploring the Impact on Students with Disabilities

Tile shows text: PresentPal Webinar Ignoring and avoiding communication skills: Exploring the impact on students with disabilities. 27th October 2021 at 3pm ET.

Upcoming Webinar from Present Pal

Wednesday 27th October, 3pm EST

Featured Speakers: Ed Zirkle (Florida State College, Jacksonville), and Amer Latif (Present Pal)

In this webinar, Ed Zirkle and Amer Latif will explore the impact of ignoring and avoiding public speaking classes on students with disabilities. They will discuss why this is happening, and how this is happening in universities and colleges. Ed and Amer will also dive into the challenges faced by students and faculty and the longer-term impact of neglecting a key life skill. They will touch on why it is vital for students to get the support and tools to develop public speaking skills to allow them to thrive, boost confidence, and support challenges related to social anxiety.

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