The Great Lakes UDL Experience was a success! 

A huge thank you to all our presenters and organizers that came together to make this event happen. 

Colleagues from around the region attended to explore how Universal Design for Learning can help create a welcoming, responsive, student-centered classroom that cultivates expert learners. This year the Great Lakes UDL Experience featured national presenters who focused on UDL and:

-Classroom and Environment Design
-Design to Improve Executive Function
-Culturally Responsive Classroom Design

We can’t wait to see what next year’s Great Lakes UDL Experience will bring!


Featuring National Speakers

David Reid

Principal Architect, Gould Evans, KS

Allison Posey

Curriculum and Design Specialist, CAST, MA

Bryan Dean

Special Populations Consultant, Oakland Schools, MI

A Brief Glance at the Agenda:

We put learners at the center of the educational experience.  This event allowed for the discovery of how the UDL framework can help design flexible learning opportunities and environments to address the cultural and learning needs of students. This special event was sponsored by three Michigan Intermediate School Districts and the UDL-IRN. With the support of UDL experts and practitioners, individual participants and school teams constructed an effective implementation plan. 


Three areas of focus:

  • Classroom and Environment Design
  • Design to Improve Executive Function
  • Culturally Responsive Classroom Design

Other highlights include:

  • Breakout and small group sessions with national speakers, implementers from the state of Michigan
  • Educator resources and giveaways


Day two extends day one with a focus on the three topics listed above and will be customized based on attendee needs. National facilitators Bryan Dean, Allison Posey, and David Reid, along with regional coaches and national leaders from the UDL-IRN, return to support attendees with the design of implementation plans. The day’s format will be based on:

  • UDL implementation tools and resources for attendees.
  • UDL planning: Work with national and regional leaders to design your team’s action plan.
  • Dedicated consultation/coaching and personalized learning for you and your team.


into design practices that support cultural diversity, flexible instruction and student success.


with national experts and your school team to design an implementation action plan for your school or classroom.


with other practitioners to build a Great Lakes Region UDL consortium.

If you are interested in co-hosting a UDL-IRN event in your region, please email