Fourth Annual UDL-IRN Great Lakes UDL Experience

Pre-conference Virtual Site Visits

at Fraser Public Schools
October 26th, 2020
12:30 to 3:30 pm (ET)

Virtual Conference

Online Access
October 27th & 28th, 2020
8:30 am to 3:30 pm (ET)

Join your colleagues from around the Great Lakes region (and beyond!) to explore how Universal Design for Learning can help you create a welcoming, responsive, student-centered classroom that cultivates expert learners. The event features national presenters who will focus on UDL and designing for remote and face-to-face learning environments for all students. Expect to:

  • Get new ideas about remote instruction.
  • Receive support for implementing tools in your classroom.
  • Learn strategies to help you design instructional experiences.

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Fraser Public Schools
Presenters virtually share their research at a UDL-IRN event.
Presenters asynchronously present at a UDL-IRN event.
Sue Hardin presents at a UDL-IRN event.

A Brief Glance at the Agenda:

We put learners at the center of the educational experience.  This event allows for the discovery of how the UDL framework can help design flexible learning opportunities and environments to address the cultural and learning needs of students. This special event is sponsored by Macomb ISD and the UDL-IRN. With the support of UDL experts and practitioners, individual participants and school teams will construct an effective implementation plan.

Virtual Site Visit, Monday, October 26th, 2020

Join us on the afternoon before the conference begins for Virtual Site Visits in Fraser Public Schools classrooms. You will have the opportunity to see UDL in practice, then engage with teachers and coaches to discover how they used UDL to design learning experiences that support learning for all students.

Virtual Site Visit FAQ

Day 1, Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

The conference begins with a day filled with featured speakers, breakout sessions and panel discussions devoted to Universal Design for Learning. You’ll learn strategies to help you design equitable and inclusive learning environments and instructional experiences.

Day 2, Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

On the last day, you’ll take a deeper dive into the UDL design. You will have the opportunity to meet with UDL experts who will help you develop your classroom/school implementation plans. Ample resources and facilitated planning time will be provided. 

Personal Conference Coach

New this year, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your experience with a remote conference coach to help customize your team’s professional learning and implementation planning. Our remote conference coaches are experienced in UDL implementation. For one price, you can provide your team with the facilitation and guidance needed to design a UDL implementation plan with action steps to put the plan into practice. For more information, please contact McKenzie Nicholis at

Featured Keynote Speakers

Robert Dillon

Robert Dillon

School Designer, Sustainable Education Solutions
Jay Marks

Jay Marks

Diversity and Equity Consultant, Oakland Schools

Kate Edgren

Kate Edgren

Instructional Consultant, Bartholomew Consolidated Public Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a virtual site visit?

A: The goal of a virtual classroom visit is to provide teachers, administrators, and other professionals with the opportunity to learn more about Universal Design for Learning by viewing specific elements of UDL in practice. A virtual site visit is a web-based experience that is both synchronous and asynchronous. Participants will see video clips of classroom lessons incorporating elements of the UDL Guidelines, view lesson plans and other lesson artifacts, and hear feedback from students about the lesson outcomes. They will also have the opportunity to hear the teacher’s thinking behind the lesson design and to ask UDL implementation questions of the UDL teacher and their coaching partner.

Q: Why participate in a virtual site visit?

A: “Seeing UDL in practice” is one of the strategies or activities most frequently identified by teachers as being beneficial to growing their understanding of UDL and moving their UDL practice forward. The reality of doing this within the school day is difficult for many schools for a variety of reasons. Similar to “learning walks” completed within the school day, the focus of the learning during the virtual site visit is on the observer. Virtual site visits provide the opportunity for teachers to learn directly with and from experienced UDL implementers outside of the school day, and outside of their geographical area.

Q: Is there prerequisite learning or knowledge required prior to participating in a virtual site visit?

A: No prerequisite UDL knowledge is required. Learning objectives for participants may vary depending on prior knowledge and use of the UDL Guidelines. For example, more novice participants may look for and record 2-3 highlighted examples of the Guidelines in practice, while those with more experience using the Guidelines may look for examples beyond those highlighted, identify why the teacher may have selected those specific elements, and reflect on how they might apply their observations to their own practice. 

Q: How long does a virtual site visit take?

A: Prior to the visit approximately 30 minutes will be required to prepare for the class visit. Participants will watch the pre-lesson interview with the host teacher, read about the lesson, view a recorded lesson/activity, view student artifacts and begin to take notes in the UDL Observation form. The synchronous component is approximately 45 minutes long.During this proportion, participants will listen to the post-lesson debrief between the coach and host teacher, and ask questions, offer noticings and takeaways.