Game Help



How do I get started?

Get started by registering for the game.  You will type in your name and email address.  When you hit submit, there will be a confirmation page that appears with a link to 'Getting Started' and a password to unlock the page. 

How do I "Level Up"?

For each level, there are a set of challenges.  When you are ready to level up, toward the bottom of the page with the challenges, there is a link to level up.  Click on the link and fill out the form.  Submit the form to level up.  On the confirmation page, there is a link to the next level and a password to unlock the level.

How do I earn tickets for prizes?

Every time you level up, come to the registration table.  We will give you a badge and and you will be entered into a drawing for prizes.  Each level earns a greater amount of prize entries. The more times you level up, the more entries you will earn.  ONLY final two levels, Hero and Crusader, are eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing for the Amazon Tap.

I missed the password for the next level - what do I do?

Come to the registration table - we can help you out.

When should I visit the registration table?

After you level up, come to the registration table to obtain your badge stickers.


When do I give people badges?

The Summit is about NETWORKING.   Summit attendees may choose to give each other social badges throughout the Summit. These badges are given by participants to participants to recognize certain achievements.  A full explanation of the badges can be found on the social badges page. Attendees may record when the receive a social badge by linking to the BRAG BOARD.

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