Selected Presentations from CEC 2012

Selected Presentations from the 2012 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Convention & Expo.

Strand Session 1 : Making UDL a Reality

Learn how to move UDL from theory to practice! Panelists discussed current efforts, considerations, tools, and strategies for supporting implementation related to Universal Design for Learning. Session Presenters: Joy Zabala, CAST Alisa Lowrey, LSU-HDC George Van Horn, BCSC

Strand Session 2 : Implications of a Research Agenda for UDL

This session featured a discussion on how one should consider and possibly go about conducting research in the area of UDL. The session began with an overview by Gabbie Rappolt-Schlichtmann, the Director of Research for CAST, who contextualized the issues related to conducting research, how CAST is conceptualizing research, and ways to participate. Jim Gardner, University of Oklahoma, discussed the paradigm of UDL as a construct. Cindy Okolo, Michigan State University, offered a perspective of UDL research in connection to the Virtual History Museum. Sean J. Smith, University of Kansas, closed with the examination of online instruction through the employment of a UDL Measurement Tool.

Strand Session 3 : Scaling Up UDL Practice Across Districts and States

This session featured a discussion on district and statewide efforts underway to make UDL part of the educational experience. Participants will be shown how districts and states are working to integrate UDL into classroom instruction, content-based learning and overall conceptual planning for ALL students. Lessons learned, current challenges and successes will be highlighted. Jeff Diedrich, Michigan Integrated Technology Supports; Kathy Howery, University of Alberta; Patti Ralabate, CAST

Strand Session 4: Current and Future Innovations

This session will feature current as well as future innovations where UDL-based principles are being applied to gaming, STEM-based innovations, and more. Participants will be exposed to future applications, ideas for development, and an understanding of critical next steps to further development and integration of UDL-based solutions. Presenters: James Basham, University of Kansas; Matt Marino, Washington State University; Dave Edyburn, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee; and David Rose, CAST

Teaching with Video Games: Engaging all Students in STEM Education!

This presentation provides teachers with current research about using video games to enhance classroom instruction. It is based on a two-year study conducted in 10 states with funding from the U.S. Department of Education. Teaching techniques, assessment considerations, and the use of video games to monitor student progress are included. Presenters: Matthew Marino, Ph.D., Constance Beecher, Ph.D., & Kimberly Coy, M.A. Washington State University