Live webinar: Supporting Educators’ Use of Game Based Learning Environments as Formal and Informal Assessments. Panelists: Jessica Hunt, Michelle Taub, and Matthew Marino.

Supporting Educators’ Use of Game Based Learning Environments as Formal and Informal Assessments

Upcoming CIDDL Webinar February 23rd at 2pm ET Preparing educators to use student assessment data to make instructional adjustments can improve student outcomes. Game-based learning environments and related technologies are one tool educators can use to enhance their understanding of
Tile shows text: PresentPal Webinar Ignoring and avoiding communication skills: Exploring the impact on students with disabilities. 27th October 2021 at 3pm ET.

Ignoring and Avoiding Communication Skills: Exploring the Impact on Students with Disabilities

Upcoming Webinar from Present Pal Wednesday 27th October, 3pm EST Featured Speakers: Ed Zirkle (Florida State College, Jacksonville), and Amer Latif (Present Pal) In this webinar, Ed Zirkle and Amer Latif will explore the impact of ignoring and avoiding public speaking
Image shows a person's brain with an arrow pointing upwards alongside the text "The UDL Mindset"

The UDL Mindset

In order to successfully implement Universal Design for Learning in your space, environment, classroom, etc, it is important to shift into a UDL Mindset. Use these resources to shift your thinking towards the growth and entrepreneurial mindset of UDL: Check
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October Network and Learn

Let your star shine! October Network and Learn: Let’s gather stories from practitioners (e.g., coaches, in-service teachers, administrators, pre-service teachers, higher education instructors) on their UDL-based practices! For this N&L series we welcome practitioners to submit their UDL success stories