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2019 International Summit Proceedings

The 2018 Proceedings
Edited by J. Emmett Gardner
and David Hardin

(First Version. 4/26/2018)

Annually the UDL-IRN hosts an International Summit that brings together individuals and groups of people focused on designing future-ready learning environments that are equitable, beneficial, and meaningful for all learners. Presenters come from throughout the globe and across various roles including education leaders, K-12 educators, researchers, higher education leaders, learners, professors, parents, consultants, education curriculum and product developers. We see the summit as a unique opportunity to collaboratively support the future of learning and inturn education.  

Each year, presenters are asked to submit a narrative (proceeding) that provides insights on the content of their presentations. Each the of proceedings is then reviewed and edited. As summit attendee, you have immediate access to these narratives. Below are the individually reviewed proceedings for 2018.  A compiled final version will be developed after the Summit. If you are a presenter and were unable to make the proceeding deadline but would like to be in the final version, please contact  Copyright and distribution information below.

Table of Contents

Universal Ecosystems for Education, Greg Amend and Mary Lane

Translating UDL: An Aotearoa/New Zealand Story, Chrissie Butler

Avoiding the Pitfalls and Staying True to UDL, Joni Degner

UDL Instruments and Measurements, Anya S. Evmenova, Kimberly M. Johnson, Cynthia M. Okolo, and Eric J. Moore

Case-Based Teaching: Supporting Educators’ Understanding of UDL, Heather Francis and Jenna Gravel

Engaging Instruction for Pre-Service General Educators: Modeling UDL at a College Level, Aleksandra Hollingshead

An Equity-Based Evolution of Universal Design for Learning: Participatory Design for Intentional Inclusivity, Gayitri Kavita Indar

Planning K-8 Computer Science through the UDL Framework, Maya Israel, Lionel Bergeron, Todd Lash, and Meg Ray

Voices of Experts in Universal Design for Learning, Aleksandra Hollingshead, K. Alisa Lowrey, and Kathy Howery

UDL Implementation Fidelity – Seeking Wisdom from the Crowd, Kimberly M. Johnson

Incorporating Inclusive Assessment and Universal Design within the Curriculum, Dagmar Kminiak and Terri Mears

Flying High on UDL: What One State Discovered, Denise Malkovits, Steve Ramos, Ron Rogers, Cherie Smith, and Julie Weyandt

UDL Implementation in the PK-12 Math Classroom: Practical Applications for Monday’s Lessons, Amy McDonald and Harold Campbell

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Connecting Emerging Technologies to the UDL Framework, Don McMahon

UDL in 3D!, Eric J. Moore

Using an Evidence-Decision Making Framework in the Exploration Phase of UDL Implementation, Katie Novak and Kristan Rodriguez

Course Design for Student Success in Higher Education, Toney Phifer and Adrian Ricketts

Teacher Education and Professional Development on UDL, Kavita Rao and Cynthia Okolo

What is the role of Executive Function in Expert Learning?, Alexis Ann Reid

We Are All in This Together: A Universal Design for Learning in ALCDSB, Ontario, Canada, Karen Shannon and David Giroux

Time to Go!: Unlocking Doors to the Next Generation of Learners Through Effective UDL Implementation, Natsuko Takemae-Sells, Nicole Dobbins, Teresa Little

Social Emotional Engagement Knowledge and Skills (SEE-KS), Jen Townsend and Emily Rubin

Don’t Forget the “R” in R&D! Lessons from a Research Partnership for Inclusive EdTech Design, Rachel Tripathy, Laura Gluck, and Linlin Li

Every Student Needs a Learner Profile: Driving Self-Regulated Learning, Nancy Weinstein

“ALL IN!” Using Data Strategically for Systemic UDL Implementation, Kim Schiefelbein, John Flannery, Shannon McCaffery, Jason Curtis, and Derick Kieger

Universally Designed Professional Learning, Elizabeth Berquist

UDL:IRN SIG: Implementers; An Implementation Tool that Works to Define a Gold Standard, Cherie Smith, Greg Amend, and Mary Lane

Infusing UDL into Preservice Methods Courses, Leigh Rohde and Anneliese Mueller Worster

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