Understanding UDLTalks

Background Information on Preparing a UDLTalk

We are looking forward to a series of UDLTalks at the 2015 UDL Implementation Research Network (IRN) Summit. Given the range of exciting topics and time limitation, we would like to follow the popular presentation format used at the well known and respected TED Conferences.

TED is a conference (see http://www.ted.com/pages/about) where its main theme is to disseminate ideas to attendees in an efficient and engaging manner. If you are considering a UDLTalk for your presentation at the 2015 UDL Implementation Research Network (IRN) Summit, we want you to replicate TED’s use of an 18-minute presentation format.

Here are some guidelines and information we’d like you to follow:

  • Please limit your presentation to no more than 18 minutes. Really. It can only be 18 minutes! Seriously, you are limited to 18 minutes.
  • 5-10 slides with more emphasis on graphics than text, big ideas.
  • Know that your presentation will be video recorded, and possibly transcribed and posted on the UDL-IRN Web site.
  • Bring a USB flash drive that contains the Powerpoint or Keynote slides you will be using.
  • There will be time for question and answers in a panel format as part of the day’s agenda.
  • Please, time yourself ahead of time so if we try to cut you off, it won’t be a shock.

For a better idea of how a TED talk “works” please check out the following Web sites and their accompanying videos:

Please Note

  • Our goals is to select a variety of presentations and post edited versions on the UDL-IRN Web site at a future date.
  • Working within this format is as new to us as it probably is to you. We anticipate there will be some quirks to the process!

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