Extending the Conversation of the 2014 UDL-IRN Summit

We were excited to offer opportunities to broaden the conversation of the 2014 UDL-IRN Summit between those who are in physical attendance and those who wish to participate in aspects of the summit virtually. To that end, we made several venues available to engage in discussion as well as to view some of the presentations occurring at the summit. We encouraged as much involvement and discussion as possible.

Note:  The purpose of the Summit was to exchange a wide-variety of ideas.  We encouraged this conversation to be extended beyond the physical boundaries of the Summit.  We asked that those who chose to engage in the conversation keep a professional tone when discussing the wide-range of ideas shared at the Summit.

Follow the TED-Style UDLTalks LIVE on Thursday, March 6

If you'd like to view the TED-Style UDLTalks, please join us via Adobe Connect.  These sessions will be held on Thursday, March 6, 2014.Please log in as a guest, indicating your first and last name. A chat room will be available for discussion and will be moderated for questions.

Follow and Engage in the Conversation Using the Today's Meeting Back Channel

The Today's Meet Back Channel will be available throughout the duration of the summit. Attendees on-site and those who wish to participate virtually are encouraged to engage in conversation using this tool.

Follow and Engage in the Conversation Using Twitter

Attendees on-site and those who wish to participate viturally are encouraged to use Twitter and other social media throughout the Summit to share information and engage in dialogue about the implementation of UDL.  One can follow the UDL-IRN at @udlirn.  When tweeting about the Summit, please use #UDL2014.  To make this process easier, please consider joining the UDL2014 Twub that has been established to use as a back channel and to facilitate conversations about the Summit content.