2014 UDL-IRN Summit Presentations

Download a PDF of the 2014 UDL-IRN Summit Presentations

Day One

TED-Style Talks About UDL Implementation

A Rudimentary Education: A UDL Rhythm Retrospective
Skip Stahl, CAST

The Journey From Exploration to Optimization
George Van Horn, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation

It’s a Lens, Not a List
William McGrath, Montgomery County Public Schools, MD

UDL and Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities:  Ensuring All Means All
Ricky Sabia, National Center and State Collaborative

Inclusive Education and the Three-Block Model of UDL:  Bringing Together All the Pieces
Jennifer Katz, University of Manitoba

UDL: A Revolution by Design
Bryan Dean, Farmington Public Schools/Oakland Intermediate Schools, MI

Measuring Universal Design for Learning in the Virtual Schooling Landscape
Kimberly Coy, Washington Virtual Academies, WA

What about Field Placements and Real-World Learning Experiences?
Fredric Fovet, Fiona J. Benson, & Tara Flanagan,  McGill University

A Fireside Chat with David Rose: Career Reflections
David Rose, CAST

Day Two

Breakout Sessions

Five Phases of the UDL Implementation Process:  Tools to Guide Your Journey
David Rose, Grace Meo, Patti Relabate, CAST

Universal Design for Learning, Conceptual Change and Teacher Education: An Explorations of Preconceptions and Beliefs about Practice
Elizabeth Berquist & Bill Sadera, Townsen University

UDL:  Maryland's Approach to A Route for Every Learner
Paul Dunsford & Marsye Kaplan, Maryland State Department of Education

Making the Transition from Planning to Implementation:  Essential Logistics
Denise C. DeCoste, Accessible Technology Consulting, MD

From PLC to Practice: Transforming Classroom Instruction
Susan Hardin, Lisa Bowman, & Sarah Beckman, Macomb ISD, MI

A Multi-Tiered System of Support Promotes the Application of the UDL Framework
Jennifer Michaels & Ingrid Cumming, Orange County Public Schools, FL

Leading UDL Implementation with Professional Learning Communities
Linda B. Wilson, William McGrath, & Eithne Ellis, Montgomery County Public Schools, MD

Pioneering Instructional Change Through UDL
Jeff McCormick and Ron Rogers, UDL Center of OCALI, OH

Removing Barriers, Widening Access:  UD Audit of Service Provision
Tanya Beck & Frederic Fovet, McGill University

A Blueprint for UDL:  Consideering the Design of Implementation
Loui Lord Nelson & James D. Basham, University of Kansas

Connecticut Educational Service Center: Providing Multiple Means of Engagement
Lisa Flano & Alison Cianciolo, Capitol Region Education Council, CT

Exploration to Optimizing: One District's Journey, Are We There Yet?
George Van Horn, Rhonda Laswell, & Tina Greene, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation, IN

Understanding the Processes for, and Impact of UDL Implementation on Students, Teachers, Curriculum Developers, and Policy Makers
Jennifer Katz, University of Manitoba

Modeling Universal Design for Learning Principles in a College Classroom
Aleksandra Hollingshead, University of Idaho & Karren Streagle, Idaho State University

Overcoming the Barriers to Measuring UDL Implementation
James Basham, University of Kansas
Matthew Marino, University of Central Florida
James Gardener, The University of Oklahoma
Alisa Lowrey, University of Southern Mississippi &
Kimberly Coy, Washington Virtual Academies